Saturday, July 3, 2010

Prayers for the 4th of July

This weekend, as we honor the birthday of our great nation, don't forget to pray for our country and its leaders.  I found a compilation of several lovely prayers for America at one of my favorite sites,

Do you know that nations have guardian angels?  Please pray to the angel who guards the United States of America that we will remain "One nation, under God".

I also came across a very thought-provoking article by one of my online friends, Genevieve Kineke. (Her husband is an Anapolis graduate, so we like to tease each other about the Air Force - Navy rivalry.)  In any case, her article is a well-written and insightful reaction to a piece on women's bodies written by an Australian woman.  Genevieve shoos off male readers at the beginning of the article, but I think most men can handle this and will appreciate her viewpoint.  The article, "Racks and Ruin," is posted on Today's Catholic Woman at and is well worth the minute or two it takes to read.  You'll be thinking about this one all weekend.