Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Catholic Potpourri

As I'm tired and not particularly inspired today, I'm going to direct you to a few excellent articles on a variety of Catholic topics, including, of course, the Rosary.

First, please read this excellent article entitled, 12 Easy Ways to Find Time to BE a Catholic.  I thought it was interesting that the #1 suggestion is to pray the Rosary.  (The author promotes Rosary Workouts by suggesting that one can pray the Rosary while hiking or walking.)  The other 11 are equally good suggestions and include a few ideas that are rather unique.

I found another great article at a new e-magazine for which I occasionally write, The Integrated Catholic Life.  The title of the article, What Catholics Can Learn From Lady Gaga, certainly piques your interest, and the young woman who wrote it cleverly contrasts our modern culture's obsession with "celebrities of the moment" with the lasting truths of Catholicism.

I keep seeing links and references to a new apostolate, Catholics Come Home.  The author of the Lady Gaga article, Katie Petereson, is part of this organization, which is well worth checking out.  I think all of us know at least one lapsed Catholic, and perhaps a brief mention or link to Catholics Come Home might lead a few more souls back to the Church.

The last article is not religious at all, but the information presented is critical for parents and anyone who swims or cares about someone who does.  The author teaches us to recognize the true signs of drowning, which are very different from those shown in movies or on TV.  Drowning is not all splashy and noisy, but very quiet and easily missed.  My children are both former swim team members, so I didn't worry much until I saw a news item about a 12 year-old swim team champion who drowned in 3 feet of water.  Now I will definitely be more vigilant after reading Drowning Doesn't Look Like Drowning.

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