Monday, July 26, 2010

The Our Father and the Rosary

Since yesterday's Gospel reading focused on the Our Father, I thought it would be a good topic for a (brief) blog post.

It is most appropriate that the Our Father begins each decade of the Rosary. It is the prayer taught to us by Jesus Himself (Matthew 6: 9-13), and it focuses our attention to the heavenly origin of the mystery on which we are about to meditate.

"There are two kinds of prayer, one of praise with humiliation, the other petitions and is more subdued. When then you pray, do not first break forth into petition; but supplicate God as if of necessity forced to. When you begin to pray, forget all visible and invisible creatures, but commence with the praise of Him who created all things."
~ St. Basil

The next time you pray the Rosary, pray the Our Fathers slowly, thinking and meditating upon this prayer that we so often mindlessly rattle off.  Take it one step farther by offering the Rosary as praise to the Blessed Trinity rather than for a particular petition. 

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