Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rosary prayers

In order to pray the Rosary, you must first memorize the seven primary prayers of the Rosary and their "markers":

1. Sign of the Cross (Catholics begin and end all forms of prayer my making the Sign of the Cross)

2. Apostles' Creed (marked by the crucifix)

3. Our Father (marked by the isolated beads separated with longer chain links)

4. Hail Mary (marked by the 3 closely-spaced beads on the crucifix chain and the 10 closely-spaced beads on the circular part of the Rosary)

5. Glory Be or Gloria (marked by the longer chain links before the Our Father beads)

6. Fatima Prayer (same marking as the Glory Be)

7. Hail Holy Queen (marked by the central medal)

There are several more optional Rosary prayers, but I will cover these in a future post.

Find the text of the prayers above at the following links:

My ebook, The Rosary Workout, includes a more detailed Rosary tutorial:


I started this blog as part of my apostolate to spread devotion to the Rosary. I've found that many people are confused about the Rosary. They don't know the prayers or may not realize that the "soul" of the Rosary is meditation on the mysteries of the Gospels. I welcome readers of all faiths who want to learn more about the Rosary. I also welcome readers who are already very devoted to the Rosary who would like to share their knowledge and reflection with others. Please keep any comments or questions respectful and charitable.