Friday, June 4, 2010

Preparation for Mass

I'm thrilled that my new Ignatius Catholic Study Bible (New Testament) arrived today!  I plan to devote the summer to studying the gospels.  The more I learn about the Bible, the more I understand the mysteries of the Rosary.  The Mass readings make more sense to me as well, especially after studying the Old Testament.
There are many resources available to help you better comprehend the Sunday Mass readings.  If you devote a half hour or so during the week to really study the readings, then you will become a more active participant at Mass.  This is a fruit, or virtue, of the Fifth Luminous Mystery, The Institution of the Eucharist.

I've compiled a few resources to get you started:

The Center for Liturgy at St. Louis University website is an outstanding resource.  Simply click on the date of the upcoming Sunday from the drop-down menu and you'll be led to a variety of links to help you prepare for Mass.

For an investment of $5.00, you can receive weekly emails from Bridegroom Press with commentaries from the early Church Fathers on the upcoming Mass readings.  I just started this two weeks ago and am very happy with the material I receive.  I also appreciate the fact that the emails are delivered on Friday mornings-- a gentle reminder to study the readings before Sunday.

I just signed up today for Scott Hahn's weekly Mass reading commentaries.  I haven't received any yet, but I always expect great things from Scott Hahn so I'm sure I won't be disappointed.  To sign up for the free emails, go to the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology home page and scroll down about halfway down the page and look for the box on the right column that reads, "Sign Up Now".

If you're pressed for time, at least you can look at the readings ahead of time at the US Conference of Catholic Bishops site.

If you have children, help them prepare for Mass as well.  They're more likely to sit still and at least learn something if they understand the readings ahead of time. has a great weekly column for kids with coloring pages, crossword puzzles, worksheets and other activities.

The blog, "Prepare for Mass" has a variety of helpful links for adults, kids and teens.

Please feel free to add any additional helpful links or resources in the Comments section.

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