Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mixed-Faith Marriages

My husband is not Catholic, although he is a better Christian than I can ever hope to be.  He has always supported my faith and is committed to raising our children as Catholics.  He even attends Mass with us frequently.  I feel fortunate that he is not actively practicing another faith, but he has not felt a call to conversion. 

I won't say that it has always been smooth sailing.  There are times when it can be very difficult to not be united in such an important facet of our marriage, yet we have both grown spiritually despite our differences (or perhaps because of them). 

My husband was a huge help in the writing and editing of my book, The Rosary Workout.  He made many suggestions that improved the spiritual content, and he has developed a great respect for the Rosary during the past few years.  I often share what I learn about the Rosary either through books and research or during my meditation.  He once remarked that more than anything else, the Rosary has made him appreciate the Catholic faith.

I pray a decade of the Rosary with my children before bed.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have been including Bible readings about each mystery before we pray.  My husband does not actively participate, but I know that he is receiving grace through this favorite prayer of the Blessed Mother.  As a wise priest once told me, "Leave it to Mama."

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Lyn said...

My husband is not Catholic either. His father was, and he has been baptized.....but he has always attended a General Baptist church. He attends Mass with us on special occasions, and I have always prayed for him to come back to the church (his father told me before he died that he was "counting" on me to get him "back").............but he has never shown any interest in returning. It usually doesn't bother me.....but sometimes, when I see other families at Mass, I wish he would/could be there with me and our two children.

Mary said...

Just found you through Catholic Mothers Online. My husband finally converted after being married for about 14 years. I do think interfaith marriages is one thing the Church needs to work on...I often felt like I didn't belong because my husband wasn't Catholic. It's wonderful that your husband is so supportive!

Peggy Bowes said...

Let's all pray for each other and for all the couples in mixed-faith marriages. It's always wonderful to hear about the conversion of a non-Catholic through the example of a Catholic husband or wife. What a joy that must be! I highly recommend the book, Rome Sweet Home by Scott Hahn. He converted after being a Protestant minister, but his wife was very reluctant for a long time. Their story is fascinating and inspiring.