Thursday, June 17, 2010

Angels and the Rosary

The following is an excerpt from my book, The Rosary Workout:

The presence of angels is invariably linked to the Rosary. Consider that the Hail Mary was previously known as the Angelic Salutation since it begins with the Angel Gabriel‘s words to Mary in Luke 1:28. One of Mary‘s many titles is Queen of the Angels. St. Louis de Montfort writes in the Treatise on the True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin:

"Mary has authority over the angels and the blessed in heaven." He paraphrases the words of other saints regarding Mary‘s role as Queen of Angels:  "According to St. Bonaventure, all the angels in heaven unceasingly call out to her:  'Holy, holy, holy Mary, Virgin Mother of God.' They greet her countless times each day with the angelic greeting, 'Hail, Mary‘, while prostrating themselves before her, begging her as a favor to honor them with one of her requests." 

Pope Leo XIII elaborates the role of angels in the Rosary in his papal encyclical, On the Confraternity of the Holy Rosary:

"...In reciting the Rosary, we meditate upon the mysteries of our Redemption… [and] in a manner emulate the sacred duties once committed to the Angelic hosts. The Angels revealed each of these mysteries in its due time; they played a great part in them; they were constantly present at them… What more divine, what more delightful, than to meditate and pray with the Angels? With what confidence may we not hope that those who on earth have united with the Angels in this ministry will one day enjoy their blessed company in Heaven?  Praying the Rosary devoutly can actually connect us with the holy angels.

St.Alphonsus Liguori taught by praying the Hail Mary, we attract the angels and repel the demons.  The next time you pray the Rosary, ask the angels to join you!

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