Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Missing Mary at the Tomb

Today was a beautiful, sunny day and I decided to go for a run outside for the first time in ages.  The winter in my new home at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains has been unusually harsh, so most of my workouts have been indoors.  I view running on the treadmill as more penance than joy, so I looked forward to getting some sun on my face as I ran and prayed the Rosary.

Since it's the Octave of Easter, I decided to pray and reflect on the Glorious Mysteries while I ran.  As I meditated on the First Glorious Mystery, The Resurrection, I thought of the women at the tomb.  All four gospels place Mary Magdalene at the empty tomb, and the synoptic gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke) add Mary, the mother of James.  The obvious missing Mary is Mary, the Mother of Jesus.  Not one of the gospel writers tells us about the reunion of the risen Lord and His beloved Mother.  Yet, it must have happened.  I can't imagine that Jesus would not make a private appearance to the person who followed Him on the long road to Calvary, wept at the foot of the cross, and held Him lovingly in her arms before His burial.  Mary, of all people, must have trusted in the Resurrection.  She was without stain of sin and knew the Scriptures and their foretelling of the triumph after the suffering. 

As I finished my run (2 miles, at least this time...), I walked slowly back to my car, thinking about the reunion of Mother and Son and praying for an increase in my own faith.

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