Friday, April 23, 2010

The Key to Our Faith

Fridays are always very important to me because I never want a week to go by without making some sort of sacrifice on the day Our Savior died for our sins.  I usually go to Daily Mass and pray the Stations of the Cross afterwards, but today I am without transportation and have to stay at home. 

This is probably a good thing because I must face the giant mountain of ironing that I have ignored for several weeks.  Work can be a form of prayer, especially work that one doesn't particularly enjoy but which does benefit others.  I suppose I can play my Gregorian Chant CD and contemplate the Passion of Our Lord as I tackle that pile of wrinkled clothes. 

Nothing directs my focus on Our Lord's Passion quite like a crucifix.  It is a unifying symbol of the Catholic faith.  If you wear a chain with a cross around your neck, you're a Christian.  If you wear a crucifix, you're a Catholic (AND a Christian, of course).

There is a reason that every modern Rosary is anchored with some type of crucifix.  When we pray the Rosary, we begin with the prayer marked by the crucifix, the Apostles' Creed.  This ancient prayer is a brief summary of our faith.  If anyone asks what you believe as a Catholic, you can repeat the Creed, line by line, and give a simple explanation.  (Read the great summary at the link above for the Apostles' Creed.) 

It is important that we begin each Rosary by recalling the tenets of Catholicism.  We grow in faith through Rosary prayer, and ultimately become more Christ-like.  The crucifix is the key to our faith and to eternal life.  There is no Resurrection without the redemption of the cross.  We cannot go to heaven unless we die to self and willingly take up our personal crosses.  Today, mine is ironing.  Better get started.

Note:  The lovely crucifix keychain is available at The Catholic Faith Store online.  There are several different versions and a wide variety of other lovely Catholic items.

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