Saturday, September 25, 2010

Why God Matters

This summer, I attended the Catholic Marketing Network Conference and the Catholic Writer's Guild Live Conference in the Philadelphia area.  I met so many wonderful Catholic writers, including fun, fedora-wearing Karina Fabian.  We have a lot in common in addition to our love for writing.  We're both former Air Force officers who fell in love with non-Catholic men (Karina's husband converted before they married), and we both homeschool and enjoy sci-fi.

Karina has recently published a book that she co-wrote with her father, Deacon Steve Lumbert.  The book is titled Why God Matters: How To Recognize Him in Everyday Life.  Just 114 pages, this little book can easily be read in an afternoon and is full of inspiring quotes and little "slice of life" stories about God and the Catholic faith.  It reminds me a bit of the Chicken Soup series.

Each chapter has a different theme such as "So help me God, I Didn't Do It," or "Love in a Pot of Rice."  Karina and her dad alternate their stories and include related Bible quotes or excerpts from the Cathechism of the Catholic Church.  Some stories made me smile and others brought tears to my eyes, but all of them were touching and inspiring. 

I especially appreciated the questions scattered throughout the book and the list of references at the end.  Why God Matters would make a nice gift for a newly married couple or a friend or family member who is lukewarm in their Catholic faith. 

More reviews are posted on publisher Tribune Books' site, and there's a tab to post your own story of "Why God Matters."  You can order the book through Amazon.

Speaking of reviews, Catholic Exchange published my movie review of the excellent film, Like Dandelion Dust.  If it's not showing in your area, then be sure to rent it when it comes out on DVD.


Karina Fabian said...

Peggy, thanks for sharing Why God Matters with your readers!

Incidentally, I've been using The Rosary Workout. I apologize now that I'm not really following the directions, but am glad to say that it has given me new motivation to work out! That's the important thing for me!


Tribute Books said...

Peggy - that's wonderful that you got to meet Karina in person at the CMN trade show. It's always great to read a review by someone who has met the author.

Thanks for sharing 'Why God Matters' with your blog readers. We appreciate your support of the book.

I agree with you - if you love the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series, you'll love Karina and Deacon Steve's writing even more!

Best wishes,
Tribute Books