Saturday, May 1, 2010

Five First Saturdays Devotion

This is just a quick blog post as it is the weekend and my wonderful husband's birthday.  Since May is the Month of Mary, I'd like to honor the first day of this month with a short post on a Marian devotion called the Five First Saturdays.  The obligations and blessings of this devotion were revealed to the children of Fatima almost 100 years ago.

I found this helpful site where you can sign up for email reminders and learn more about the devotion.  One link on the site was very interesting to me regarding a series of visions in Nicaragua.  I did some research to find out if the visions are approved by the Church (they are), and came across this very thorough site on Marian apparitions of the 20th century.  EWTN has a great article on the Church's teaching on apparitions and private revelation.

Today is not only the first Saturday, but it's also May Day.  Catholic Culture has a nice article on a Catholic interpretation of this holiday.  When I was a child, we made May baskets one year and hung them on neighbors' doors.  Google "May baskets" for more cute craft project ideas.

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