Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Children and the Rosary

One of the terrific benefits of being a Catholic author and freelance writer is meeting so many wonderful people, either in real life or online.  One such person is a fellow military wife, mom, blogger and Rosary devotee named Maia.  A few weeks ago, she emailed me asking for ideas for the Rosary Field Day she was running for her CCD classes.  She wanted it to be outside, on the track at the base where her husband is stationed.  After some prayer and thought, I came up with a few ideas and sent them to her.  She was the genius behind the implementation, and it was so fun to read about the field day on her blog.  This would be a great activity for CCD classes, a homeschool group or even just to implement with your own family.  I loved how Maia stated that all the children remembered the mysteries after the event.

Another online friend is Lindy Meyer, who created a Catholic version of the popular lapbook concept used by homeschoolers.  She calls her projects "Faith Folders," and they're terrific!  You don't need to be a homeschooler to take advantage of her great products.  I ordered the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary faith folder, and I am so impressed!  There are 114 pages for the project and it will keep your crafty child occupied for hours as she cuts and pastes the pockets to make the folder.  The content is fantastic and includes a brief history of the Rosary, Church teachings, and Bible quotes, summaries and beautiful artwork for all 20 mysteries.  Lindy has created a variety of faith folders and other products to help enrich your family's Domestic Church.

Children learn by doing and a faith folder or a field day will help them remember the Rosary prayers and mysteries.  They may even surprise you by asking, "Can you pray the Rosary with us?"

Since Memorial Day is coming soon, please pray a Rosary for all our military men and women, especially those in harm's way.  Do remember to include the families who love and support them.

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