Monday, August 8, 2011

Special Announcement

My crazy-busy summer has almost come to an end.  School starts this Wednesday, and I will once again have more time to write.  After some prayer and reflection, I have decided to change the name of this blog to better suit the content I'd like to post.  I'll announce the new name on Monday, August 15th, the Feast of the Assumption.  Nothing will change except the title, so old posts will still be available, and the blog URL will remain the same.

Today is the feast of St. Dominic, also known as the Saint of the Rosary because he received a vision of the Blessed Mother with a Rosary.  She told him to pray it and spread its devotion to combat heresy.  Learn more about St. Dominic at Catholic Fire, an excellent pro-life blog with very good saint bios.

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