Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lady Gaga and the silver SUV

Today, I got my hair done and flipped through one of those gossip magazine one reads at the salon since there is nothing else to look at.  (After all, I really do need to keep up with what Kim Kardashian is doing these days...) I always feel a bit guilty, but I rationalize by telling myself that it encourages me to pray for these poor people with their empty lives.

One article spoke of how Lady Gaga's drug addiction and eating disorders will finish her career.  My first thought was relief that this obscene woman might no longer expose the world to her particular brand of "art," but I recalled that she was actually raised as a Catholic and attended Catholic schools as a girl.  I felt a sense of sadness that she had thrown away her faith in favor of fame and fortune.  Her addictions indicate that she fills that Godless void with various forms of escape and self-indulgence.  Perhaps she will receive some moment of grace that will restore her forgotten child-like belief.  I've joked several times that Lady Gaga would be the most-watched Journey Home episode ever if she reverted.  I'm praying my next Rosary that she will do just that.  If you're inclined to do so, please join me.

With newly blonde roots, I headed to an outdoor mall to see if there were any cute summer clothes left on the clearance racks.  I parked and crossed the parking lot toward the shops, noting a silver SUV at a stop sign that was turning toward me.  I continued walking, assuming the driver saw me.  To my surprise, the SUV suddenly began to get very big.  In complete dismay, I stood rooted to the spot, slowly realizing that I was about to be hit.  For some reason, I felt compelled to bend forward and push against the front of the vehicle as if I was Wonder Woman and could stop it with brute strength.  I think the real Wonder Woman was my Guardian Angel as the car did stop, and the surprised driver rolled down her window to ask if I was okay.  Dazed, I walked toward her, intending to chew her out for nearly killing me.  Instead, I nodded, and walked on, not even taking the time to write down the license plate number.

I walked around aimlessly for a few minutes, realizing that I had come very close to death or at least some very painful injuries.  I realized that God had saved me, that He had plans for me that I had not yet completed, and that He was indeed All-Powerful.  I recalled that just yesterday, I had taken my daughter to daily Mass so she could go to Confession afterward.  I decided not to go because there was always next Tuesday, and I had just gone to Confession with my son two weeks ago.  I regretted my foolishness in casually giving up an opportunity to receive much-needed grace in overcoming my sins.   

I am grateful that God spared my life today, and now I must work harder at making every single day really count.

Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.  
- Thomas Jefferson

Countdown:  5 more days until the feast of the Assumption.  I will be changing the title of this blog (not the URL) on that day to better reflect the content of my future posts.  Don't worry, there will still be plenty of Rosary-related material.

Today is the feast day of St. Lawrence, deacon and martyr.  He died a horrible death by being essentially roasted alive.  According to legend, he even managed to retain his sense of humor during the ordeal, announcing, "Turn me over.  I'm done on this side!"  The Church, in like fashion, declared him the patron saint of cooks.  Learn more at Catholic Fire.

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Anonymous said...

Of course you have to be alive and well, since you wrote the article, but I was gasping in horror as I read this post. Thank God you are okay. I also blithely walk out in front of cars in parking lots, but I think I'll drop that habit now. And drive more carefully, too.