Friday, January 21, 2011

Ask Them What They Mean By Choice -- I Say Choose Life!

My blog post today was inspired by pro-lifer Jill Stanek who issued a challenge to Catholic bloggers to respond to the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (NARAL) "Blog For Choice" day today. According to NARAL,
"Blog for Choice Day gets more people reading and talking about reproductive rights online on one of the most important days surrounding a woman’s right to choose: the Roe anniversary. Plus, it lets your readers and the mainstream media know that a woman's right to choose is a core progressive value that must be protected."    
(Participating NARAL blogs are listed here, so feel free to leave charitable but Truth-filled comments to these tragically misguided bloggers.)
Regarding her Catholic blogger counter-campaign, Jill Stanek states:
"The idea is simple. Any time any of us reads pro-aborts spouting their obscure “choice” rhetoric on a blog, website, Facebook, or Twitter, we call them out on it. We ask them to explain what the “choice” is.  Is it to eat carrots rather than broccoli? To wear red instead of blue? No, of course “choice” is code for killing babies. What’s their problem with the A-word?"

It's tragic that an unborn baby's life has become a "choice" for self-centered women or forced upon the many unfortunate young girls and women who are bullied into abortions by others. 

The word "choice" calls to mind a DVD about the life of St. Gianna entitled Love Is a Choice.  St. Gianna was a devout Catholic wife, mother, physician and athlete who bravely and unselfishly chose death over aborting her child.  She found out she had cancer while pregnant and was given the option of essentially aborting her child with a hysterectomy or a less invasive surgery that would save the life of her child.  St. Gianna chose the surgery but died shortly after childbirth.

The word "choice" also reminds me of two Bible quotes in the January issue of Magnificat Magazine

"I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse; therefore, choose life..." (Deut 30:19) 

Also, "Before a man are life and death, good and evil, and whichever he chooses will be given to him." (Sirach 15:17)

It seems that the Word of God is pretty clear about the meaning of "choice."

This tragic pro-choice movement and the unspeakable tragedy of over 50 million aborted babies in America since Roe vs. Wade took effect makes me think of the 3rd Sorrowful Mystery, The Crowning of Thorns.  Jesus models love for His enemies in this mystery by actually loving and forgiving the brutal soldiers who mocked and tortured Him. 

I have to realize that Jesus LOVES these vocal pro-choice supporters and bloggers, along with the women who have abortions, the men who pay for, encourage or ignore them and the doctors,  nurses and others involved in the abortion industry.  Jesus offers endless mercy to these people if only they will turn to Him and ask for forgiveness.  If Jesus loves them, then I must too.  Please join me in praying a Rosary for a change of heart for those who think that LIFE, rather than LOVE is a choice.

Unrelated but still important:
Today is the feast of the virgin martyr, St. Agnes, patron of young girls and chastity.  Today, ask St. Agnes to watch over your daughters and protect their chastity.  If you have sons, ask St. Agnes to do the same for their future wives.

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