Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Rosary Scrapbook

This blog has been a little buzzing bee in the back of my head because I have great plans for sharing my love for and devotion to the Rosary. However, I've been swatting it away as other priorities demand my attention -- a move to a new state, a growing list of writing assignments, and a book about to be published by Bezalel Books.

Nevertheless, I have been mulling over ideas on how to best proceed with my plans for this blog. An idea hit me just the other day as I was editing my book, The Rosary Workout, for publication. In one section, I suggest building a notebook or scrapbook on the Rosary mysteries as an aid to meditation. It can include Bible verses, artwork depicting the mysteries and thoughts or revelations experienced during meditation. I don't personally keep a Rosary scrapbook, but I have been meaning to start one. I realized that this blog can be my Rosary scrapbook. I can use it to share the knowledge and insight I've gained on the Rosary through years of study and meditation.

I read over my past blog entries, and now I think they are too impersonal. My initial aim was to avoid the ME, ME, ME aspect of blogging. However, the blogs that I enjoy are those written by people who inject their personality into their writing and who share their trials, triumphs and setbacks.

I hope you enjoy my virtual Rosary Scrapbook.

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